Rehearsal Schedule

“Annie” schedule – LMS fall musical
Updated: 11/19

Starting this week ALL rehearsals will be at the high school. From this point forward everyone’s attendance is required at all rehearsals in order to be in the show. You’ve committed to doing the show, so you need to be at these rehearsals in order to honor that commitment.

Monday November 20 (at the HS til 5:30) – work through on the LHS Stage.

Monday November 27 – 2pm-5:30pm (DRESS REHEARSAL)
Tuesday November 28 – 2pm-5:30pm (DRESS REHEARSAL)
Thursday November 30– 2pm-5:30pm (DRESS REHEARSAL)

Friday December 1 – Performance (7pm, call time is 5pm)
Saturday December 2 – Performance (7pm, call time is 5pm)
Sunday December 3 – Performance (2pm, call time is noon)