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Our Spring play is The Aliens Are Coming! The Aliens Are Coming!– which was supposed to be our Spring 2020 play! performances are May 13th and 14th at 7pm, and May 15th at 2pm, at the Littleton Middle School Cafetorium.

Tickets available at the door (cash or check ONLY), or in advance online via credit card here (link will be active when available).

“Now you can join the craze that’s sweeping the land with this hysterical alien spoof!The Meteorite Inn is located on a lonely stretch of desert highway.  The owners of the shabby inn, Doug and his sister, Peggy, decide to capitalize on the fact that they’re close to a restricted zone known only as ’Area 502.’ (Rumor has it the government keeps an alien prisoner housed there!)  The hotel’s dining room specialty becomes ’Marsburgers’ and they rent out the conference room to Hyacinth Muggleworth, a rather eccentric lady who’s holding a UFO convention.  Before you can say ’Independence Day,’ the Meteorite Inn is overflowing with excited UFO believers and speakers who claim they’ve been abducted by aliens and held prisoner in spaceships!  The army moves in and quarantines the place as ’aliens’ turn up uninvited.  After all, who knows if they are real or fake?  As the military continues to confuse matters, everyone gets involved:  poor Mayor Mintweed goes cuckoo; Mabel Shoemaker, snapping string beans one minute, finds herself being jabbed with alien fingernails the next; Sheriff Chickamauga tries to figure things out as he munches on a doughnut.  Will your audiences gasp as an alien autopsy is performed in front of their eyes?  Will they shiver as an alien starship hovers overhead and visitors put their diabolical plans on ’forward’?  Without a doubt, they will burst with laughter as the UFO conventioneers go ballistic and the secret of the restricted zone is revealed.  The show is easy to stage, with many small roles that require only minimal rehearsal.  With its hilarious action and funny dialogue, this play is out of this world!  You could even say it’s X-cellent!”

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