Note from Mrs. Govang on HONK! rehearsal

[Including a note from Mrs. Govang about rehearsals sent via email]

Hello again!
Attached please find the current schedule of rehearsal days and the plan for those days.  There have been a couple of updates/changes, but nothing major.
Please remember: If a cast member is not called, then they don’t have to attend rehearsal.  They can attend if they’d like to, but it’s not mandatory.  Also, if the schedule says they get out earlier than the end of a rehearsal day, they can leave.  They can also stay and do homework until rehearsal is over.  If they are in the building, though, ALL STUDENTS MUST REMAIN IN OUR REHEARSAL AREA (including the caf, the lobby and the bathrooms.  All other school areas are off-limits.
  • As mentioned the other day at rehearsal, cast members are allowed no more than four (4) EXCUSED absences from rehearsals.  Rehearsing is not optional.
  • “Homework” is not a valid excuse for missing rehearsal.  Just like all other extra-curriculars such as sports or other school teams/clubs, homework must be scheduled around them.
  • If you miss rehearsals because of soccer or other sports (which should have been noted including dates on your audition forms), and you are scheduled to learn Ensemble material, I cannot guarantee cast members will be kept in the Ensemble number affected.  This rehearsal schedule allows for us to teach things once and then revisit them during runs.  Time does not permit us to have to reteach staged numbers.
Things will change, but hopefully not dramatically from what is on the schedule herein.  This is our plan and we’re aiming to stick to it so everyone stays on the same page.  Please let me know if you have any questions.
Mrs. Govang

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