Cast List

“The Aliens Are Coming! The Aliens Are Coming!”

(in order of appearance)

Peggy Albright- Marissa Krampf

Rosie- Sohana Sachdev

Alice- Rosie Cegalis

Hazel- Rachel Holland

Doug- Sam LaPenta

Bernice- Adriana Vacca

Carol- Emily Rasmus

Mayor Mintweed- Kaitlyn O’Rourke

Mrs. Cynthia Willis- Izzy Rimbach

Hyacinth Muggleworth- Bethany Durant

Susanna Broom- Arcadia Evans

Commander Coburn- Dexter Crory

Geraldine- Laci Oborski

Carl- Damien Oldenquist

Jack- Connor Bottego

Bill- Nathaniel Philbin

Sheriff Chickamauga- Andrew LeDuc

Deputy Murdock- Colby LaPointe

Lavinia Dudley- Aarya Wachasunder

Esther Hedburn- Isabel McCurdy

Rita Armstrong- Brooklynn Lindsey

Mabel Shoemaker- Isabelle Williams

Charlie Whitefish- Colin Orton

Private Crowley- Maggie Crowley

Private Ridley- Madi Arthur

Captain Davis- Tom Glorioso

Betty Ross- Maddy Painter

Louise- Kylie Dunn

Margaret Jones- Megan Toombs

Dr. Trueblood- Dexter Crory

Nurse Houndstooth- Sophie Blaine

Dr. Hawk- Lily Maycock

*Fake Alien: (Act 1 Scene 3): Nathaniel Philbin

*Chase Scene Alien : (Act 2 Scene 1) – Connor Bottego

Alien #1- Nora Choumach

Alien #2- Damien Oldenquist and Maddy Painter


Act 1 Scene 1- Voices: Connor Bottego, Damien Oldenquist, Nathaniel Philbin

Act 1 Scene 3- Lily Maycock, Sophie Blaine,

Kylie Dunn, Megan Toombs, Nora Choumach