Cast List

Alice in Wonderland Cast of Characters

(not in any particular order)

Most people will see their names more than once. I wanted to give everyone as much stage time as possible and as made sense to the production! Thank you for auditioning and I’ll see you on Monday for the read through and sing through of the show!

Alice: Nadia Dupuis
Rabbit (also plays Herald and Chairman): Hannah Jonsson
French Mouse: Hannah Murray
Duck: Isabel McCurdy
Lory: Dylan Kaplan
Dodo: Hannah Sloboda
Caterpillar: Amy Morana
Butterfly : Clementine Burns
Duchess: Eliza Bean
Cook: PJ Zaferacopoulos
Baby: Colby LaPointe
Cheshire Cat: Abby Nordhausen
March Hare: Lisa Hood
Dormouse: Marissa Krampf
Mad Hatter: Bethany Durant
King of Hearts: Andrew LeDuc
Queen of Hearts: Isabelle Cahill
Knave of Hearts: Dylan Kaplan
Lady in Waiting: Isabel McCurdy
Gryphon: Brooklynn Lindsey
Mock Turtle: Hannah Sloboda
Soloist: Kiki Bean

Actors playing Rabbit Hole: Abby R. Reid, Clementine Burns, Andrew LeDuc, Connor Bottego, Ashley Silva, Clovis Flockhart, Julianna Magin, Tom Glorioso, Dexter Crory

Actors as Doors:  Lizzy Meyers, Maggie Crowley, PJ Zaferacopoulos

Actor as Table- Colby LaPointe

Tearholders: Abby Rose Reid, Rachel Holland, Connor Bottego, Julianna Magin, Clovis Flockhart, Izzy Rimbach, Tom Glorioso

Pan: Clovis Flockhart
Kettle: Julianna Magin
Playing Cards/Wickets: Rosie Cegalis, Aarya Wachasunder, Nora Choumach
Flora Daisy: Maeve Tule
Dora Daisy: Natalie Faulkner
Tweedle Dee: Tom Glorioso
Tweedle Dum: Dexter Crory
Walrus: Laci Oborski
Carpenter: Kiki Bean
Sun: Colby LaPointe
Moon: Brooklynn Lindsey

Oyster Puppeteers: Connor Bottego, Andrew LeDuc, Aarya Wachasunder, Adriana Vacca

Chorus- Act 1 Scene 1: Lily Maycock, Rachel Holland, Adriana Vacca, Laci Oborski, Aarya Wachasunder, Izzy Rimbach, Isabelle Cahill

Dancers- Act 1 Scene 8: Isabel McCurdy, Eliza Bean, Lizzy Meyers, Lisa Hood, Marissa Krampf, Abby R Reid, Hannah Sloboda, Nora Choumach, Bethany Durant, Hannah Murray, Maggie Crowley

Chorus- Act 1 Scene 9 and Act 2 Scene 1 (opening only): Rosie Cegalis, Lily Maycock, Rachel Holland, Adriana Vacca, Bella Ming, Ashley Silva, Dylan Kaplan, Kiki Bean

Court- Act 2 Scene 3: Kiki Bean, Tom Glorioso, Ashley Silva, Laci Oborski, Maeve Tule, Natalie Faulkner, Connor Bottego, Dexter Crory, Hannah Murray, Julianna Magin, Clovis Flockhart, Colby LaPointe, Lizzy Meyers, Adriana Vacca, Lisa Hood as March Hare, Bethany Durant as Mad Hatter, Marissa Krampf as Dormouse

Court- Act 2 Scene 6: Bella Ming, Lily Maycock, Maeve Tule, Natalie Faulkner, Lizzy Meyers, Rachel Holland, Lisa Hood as March Hare

Offstage voices: Marissa Krampf, Bethany Durant, Eliza Bean, Lisa Hood

Woman’s Voice: Elizabeth O’Neill

Teacher’s Voice: Mary Crowley

Everyone is in Act 2 Scene 7 which is the FINALE and BOWS!