Cast List

Forgiven: A Fairy Tale

Here is the cast list for our spring play! You all did SO phenomenally at auditions; Mrs. O’Neill, Lindsey, and I were very impressed. 

As you may notice, some of the characters on the cast list have a star (*) next to their names. If that applies to your character, check the bottom of the document for more information. 

We have more actors than we do characters in the show, which IS amazing, but it unfortunately means we could not ensure everybody will get spoken lines :(. Do not worry though- if you do not have any lines, we have very exciting plans for your blocking. We also had to add more Elf characters & redistribute their lines, so that will happen later.

Remember that we have our first rehearsal THIS MONDAY February 13th from 2:30-4 pm in the LMS Cafe. We will be reading through the entire script so every cast member must be there. Scrips will be handed out then.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me (macrowley.2023 @, Lindsey (lmcdonald.2023 @, or Mrs. O’Neill (lmsdrama @

Elle – Caroline Nash

Lizzie – Mia Tiernan

Elizadora – Emily Drew

* Prince Midas II – Jude McMahon

* King Midas II – Mackenzie LaFlamme

* Prince White – Ryan Stimpson

* King White – William Tesz

Goldilocks – Lanie Dionne

Gizelle – Samhita Gowda

Cinderella – Lauren Hagberg

Philip – Jackson Fyfe

Thomas Baker – Lucas Wright

Fairy Godmother – Morgan Chabot

Stepmother White – Charlotte Shaw

Snow White – Tabitha Kneeland

Rapunzel – Whitney Cole

Hansel – Jaycob Maldonado Norton

Gretel – Elizabeth Boyer

Lady-In-Waiting – Olivia Manno

Midas III – Audrey McMahon

Prince Marcus – Jake Castillo

Sal – Zora Marini

Munchkin – Molly Parkinson

Punkin – Phoebe Austin

Tum Tum – Julia Guertin

Riff Raff – Chase Avalos

Topsy – Ella McMahon

Turvy – Maeda LaPointe

Wumple- Kashika Ralhan
Trumple- Bennett Cahill
Bumple- Dylan Wright
Crumple- Amby Harriman

Wimbly – Abby Muddasu
Simbly – Lainey McManus
Gimbly – Hazel Willis
Dimbly – Ruby Willis

* Prince Midas II & Prince White only appear in Act 1, King Midas II and King White are the “grown up” versions of these roles in Act 2 & 3