HONK! costumes

Good afternoon, All!

We are really coordinating and collecting the costumes for HONK! at LMS.  Near all Ensemble members have at least three changes, so we’re looking to have all in a basic black base costume – i.e., black slacks or leggings and a black (preferably long-sleeved) shirt.  Anyone who has these item, please bring them to Costume Designer Ms. Nichols by October 30 so they can be labeled and inventoried.  If you do NOT have black pants/leggings or a black shirt, please let Ms. Nichols know ASAP at snichols@littletonps.org.


Mrs. G

Another update on HONK! rehearsals

Thanks everyone for getting added to the distribution list!  Suffice it to say, a lot of kids left parent email info out on their participation forms.  FABL and I will do our best to keep current information going out via email, on the FABL Facebook page, and on the website at www.littletonmiddleschooldrama.com.  Thanks again for your continued cooperation.
Apologies, but it has become apparent that having staggered rehearsals is not going to work. I had hoped to give kids/families down time outside rehearsals when their not needed. Unfortunately, there have been many absences already, and much time is being spent tracking kids down or having to stop to answer “am I called” and/or “what are we rehearsing next” questions despite it being noted on the schedule. Therefore, to make it easy – ALL cast members are called the entire time during every scheduled rehearsal. (All are pretty much called at least part of every rehearsal from this point forward anyway.) Bring homework for down time. Also, I’d like to re-emphasize that rehearsals are not optional – 4 excused maximum.
If I don’t know about conflicts in advance, I cannot plan around them – ergo, my plan is to do one thing during rehearsals, but then come rehearsal, I cannot do it because I’m missing key kids.  It throws everything off timing wise and scheduling wise. Even more importantly, those who don’t show are missing a LOT every time they miss and this schedule does not permit going back to revisit/re-teach things. Thanks for your understanding!
Some actors were sent home with formal scripts today.  These books are not our property and will have to be returned to the licensing agency, so please – NO HIGHLIGHTING, and any note-taking must be in a soft pencil, to be erased before we return them.  If books are lost or damaged seriously, it is a minimum (I don’t know the exact replacement cost) of $25.
The School has asked me to remind everyone that Student Activity Fees are required to participate in the production.  If you have not yet submitted yours, please do so at your earliest convenience to the Main Office.
Remember also, T-shirt and DVD orders are due back to Mrs. O’Neill ASAP, please.
Lastly, a closing word to cast members and an appeal to parents to drive this point home… I am not a maid.  I stayed an extra five minutes today just to clean up the food wrappers and other trash that was left behind after rehearsal.  Thank you in advance for picking up after yourselves – otherwise, I’m going to demand a raise.  😎

Mrs. Govang

Note from Mrs. Govang on HONK! rehearsal

[Including a note from Mrs. Govang about rehearsals sent via email]

Hello again!
Attached please find the current schedule of rehearsal days and the plan for those days.  There have been a couple of updates/changes, but nothing major.
Please remember: If a cast member is not called, then they don’t have to attend rehearsal.  They can attend if they’d like to, but it’s not mandatory.  Also, if the schedule says they get out earlier than the end of a rehearsal day, they can leave.  They can also stay and do homework until rehearsal is over.  If they are in the building, though, ALL STUDENTS MUST REMAIN IN OUR REHEARSAL AREA (including the caf, the lobby and the bathrooms.  All other school areas are off-limits.
  • As mentioned the other day at rehearsal, cast members are allowed no more than four (4) EXCUSED absences from rehearsals.  Rehearsing is not optional.
  • “Homework” is not a valid excuse for missing rehearsal.  Just like all other extra-curriculars such as sports or other school teams/clubs, homework must be scheduled around them.
  • If you miss rehearsals because of soccer or other sports (which should have been noted including dates on your audition forms), and you are scheduled to learn Ensemble material, I cannot guarantee cast members will be kept in the Ensemble number affected.  This rehearsal schedule allows for us to teach things once and then revisit them during runs.  Time does not permit us to have to reteach staged numbers.
Things will change, but hopefully not dramatically from what is on the schedule herein.  This is our plan and we’re aiming to stick to it so everyone stays on the same page.  Please let me know if you have any questions.
Mrs. Govang

Honk! cast list posted!

The cast list for Honk! has been posted! So many kids!!!!


Aesop and George cast!

From Mr. Bergman:

Hi Everyone –

Please find attached the cast list for Aesop and George! Michelle and I were very proud of all of your work, and we’re looking forward to having a great show with both casts!

The “Aesop” cast will perform on Thursday evening (May 31 @ 7pm), and Saturday afternoon (June 2 @ 2pm), while the “George” cast will perform on Saturday evening (June 2 @ 7pm) and Sunday afternoon (June 3 @ 2pm). This will be followed by a cast party for BOTH casts on Sunday June 3 at 4pm.

We’re still finalizing the rehearsal schedule, but EVERYONE should be at the read through this Monday March 12, 2:30-4pm. This will be the rehearsal times for most of the rehearsals, so please be sure that your cast member has transportation home at 4pm. The first four rehearsal dates are on the website (www.littletonmiddleschooldrama.com), and then the majority of the rehearsals will be Tuesdays and Thursdays (with some Wednesdays added).

Be aware that Nature’s Classroom and the DC Trip are both the week before Production Week. How we’ll navigate rehearsals around these trips will be addressed later.

Email me with any questions, and congratulations!

Mr. Bergman

Spring play: Aesop and George

We are going to do “Aesop and George” by Claudia Haas for the LMS Spring play!

Performance dates are May 31 (7pm), June 2 (7pm), June 3 (2pm), with a possible matinee on June 2 if needed.

Here is the synopsis:

Aesop–now a mere shadow of himself–wanders the world looking to see if his stories have made an impact over the centuries. When he takes refuge in an abandoned theater during a thunderstorm, he encounters George the ghost and his echoes, all that remain of the building’s past performances. As the ghost and the storyteller square off, stories fly back and forth: Aesop’s tales come thoughtfully with just a touch of silly, and George delivers his side of the argument with all the razzmatazz of show biz. But what is the value of a story? Is it there to entertain? To educate? Can it do both?

Tryouts will be Tuesday March 6th, from 2:30-5pm in the LMS Cafe. Most rehearsals will be Tuesdays and Thursday (beginning March 27), though the first two weeks’ rehearsal will be:

Monday March 12
Friday March 16
Thursday March 22
Friday March 23


Steven Bergman, M.Ed.
Chorus and Drama Instructor
Littleton Public Schools, Littleton, MA.

Annie cast list!

Hi everyone –

Thank you to all of you who are in the cast of “Annie!” I look forward to working with you on this fun musical! There will be some scripts available on Monday, but if you want to get one immediately, go ahead and print the one here on the website. Email me if you have any questions, and I’ll see everyone this Monday at 2:30 for a read through of the script.

Mr. Bergman

Annie tryout details

Hi all –

Annie tryouts are on the 18th! On that day, you will sing and do some movement, so please wear comfortable clothing to move in.

Your choices of songs for the Annie tryouts are now available here. If you are interested in a female role, please choose either Tomorrow excerpt or Maybe tryout. If you are interested in a male role, please prepare the NYC tryout.

On Wednesday the 20th, everyone will be doing some reading from the script, so there isn’t anything to prepare.

If you have any questions, email Mr. Bergman.


Annie rehearsal schedule

From Mr. Bergman:

Hi everyone –
I hope you are all having a great summer! Mine has been equal parts fulfilling and relaxing, but I also look forward to working with you all on the classic musical, “Annie,” this coming fall!

The general schedule is now available on the website.

The specific materials to prepare will be available before Labor Day. There will be a choice of songs to sing, along with some “sides” – pages from the script, to become familiar with.

There will be more information coming in the following weeks, but several of you had asked me about the days we’d be rehearsing, so I wanted to post that first.

See you soon!
Mr. Bergman

The 2017 Fall Musical will be…Annie!

The Fall 2017 Middle School Musical will be Annie: The Musical!

Tryouts will be September 18 & September 20, from 2 – 4:30pm. Students will be asked to be at BOTH days. There will be tryout materials available in August.

Performances will be December 1 (7pm), 2 (7pm), and 3 (2pm), 2017 in the LHS Auditorium.

Rehearsal schedule will be available mid-summer.