Rehearsal Schedule

James and the Giant Peach

Last updated October 17th (aside from removing past dates)

This schedule could change but we will try and stick to it as much as possible! Please check your cast by scene sheets and your script to see where you are needed.  I will send out a reminder each weekend regarding the rehearsals for the coming week. Please email me at with questions.

*** Rehearsals mean that everyone should attend the rehearsal. You may not need to stay for the entire time but you are welcome to stay.***

The following rehearsals are mandatory and students must be there for the entire rehearsal! No Exceptions!!!! Please do not schedule appointments this week! If you have dancing, girl scouts or any other activity, please advise the person in charge of the activity that you will not be there! The show must take priority!

Tech Week Rehearsals will take place at Littleton High School. Students will take any bus to the high school after school Rehearsals are from 2:30-5:30 (This has already been reserved).

***Dress Rehearsal #1 Monday, November 29

***Dress Rehearsal #2 Tuesday, November 30

There will only be a rehearsal on December 1 if necessary. I like to give a day off this week but if one of the previous rehearsals is cancelled due to weather (it happened twice 2 years ago) we will have a rehearsal on this Wednesday.

***Dress Rehearsal #3 Thursday, December 2


Friday, December 3 Call time 5pm in the band room. Here you will get hair, make up and microphones (if needed). Don’t be late and don’t forget to sign in.

Show time 7pm

Saturday, December 4 Call time 5pm same as what happened on Friday

Sunday, December 5 Call time 12pm. Bring scripts to pass in. Make sure you have erased in markings in the script.

Show time 2pm

***Following the performance the cast and crew will need to return the band room as we found it. Load up all costumes and props and help in anyway that you are asked. Once you have completed your jobs, you will be dismissed to the cafeteria for the cast pizza party. Cast party will be for cast and crew only and should be done by 6pm at the latest. Please have someone pick you up at that time.

***This is tentative based on COVID restrictions. Stay tuned!***