Cast List

Charlotte’s Web CAST:

IMPORTANT: Everyone is in ONE of the TWO casts (except for the characters of Charlotte and Wilbur, who will anchor both casts) – one is called the CHARLOTTE cast, and the other is called the WILBUR cast.

For rehearsals, actors for BOTH casts are called, unless it says “Wilbur cast” or “Charlotte cast” next to that rehearsal, in which case only that cast is called.

NOTES: For the Narrators (the “Members”) – the First / Fourth will share what is the “First member” in the script, the Second / Fifth will share what is the “Second Member” in the script, and the Third / Sixth will share what is the “Third Member” in the script.

Remember to bring in your ACTIVITY FEE of $25 (check to TOWN OF LITTLETON) to the first rehearsal on March 2. If you have already paid an ACTIVITY FEE (of $50) for another club, you are all set for this one.

Charlotte Cathryn Hoenshell
Wilbur Maddie Crory
Fern Madison Shufrin Vivienne Lance
Mr. Arable Brian Beltrami Peter Holland
Mrs. Arable Tanya Ryzi Anne Li
Avery Elizabeth O’Neill Ryan Kitain
Homer Zuckerman Mikey Taylor Jeremiah Farrell
Edith Zuckerman Katie Asselin Pauline Huynh
Lurvy Katie Rank Arlington Pletcher
Templeton Sophie Kelly Madelyn Kiernan
Goose Giana Biagioni Heather Luciano
Gander Michael St. Germain Leah Dennehy
Sheep Olivia Hamilton Taryn Evans
Lamb Stella Austin Jennelle Dillard
First member (narrator) Amalia Ficociello Faith Mehigan
Second member (narrator) Belle Field Ella Byrne-Cabot
Third member (narrator) Rachael Friedman Rachael Indorato
Fourth member (narrator) Cali Gumuchian Payton Rogers
Fifth member (narrator) Jaime Sundberg Emma Parker
Sixth member (narrator) Shae Regan Kaitlyn Cadwallader
Announcer Kiera Miglani Maddie Meyers
Uncle Eryn Rasmus Aidan Donovan
First spectator Courtney Houde Gracie Mehigan
Second spectator Emma Cvitkovich Mary Crowley
Photographer Owen Valle Dominic Philbrick
Reporter Lindsey McDonald Jordan Graham
Judge #1 Sara Choumach Zelene Berry
Judge #2 Hannah Bottego Olyvia Howard
Fairgoer Nate Farl Peter Nordhaus
Fairgoer Kate Ferreira Emma Fryer
Fairgoer Sophia O’Donoghue Sofia Price
Baby Spider Hannah Alvarado Ian Hall
Baby Spider Sofia Black Ben Kane
Baby Spider Carmen Arimento Jenny McDonough

Lastly, I will be listening to the other teachers if cast member’s grade slip because of the play, and this may affect your participation. So be sure to keep your grades UP!

I look forward to working with everyone on this production, and thank you for your work during the tryouts!!

If you have any questions, please email me.

Mr. Bergman